7 Ways to Wear a Miss Knotlace: A Tween Review

We are delighted by our latest review of a Miss Knotlace by Mandy who loves her bendy necklace and has given Knotlace the thumbs up!

It’s always fantastic to get an independent view of our unique accessory, particularly a great one from a tween (who let’s be honest can be a challenging age to read/buy for!)

Mandy has not only shared her own views on our bendy necklace and accessory but also sent us her own Knotlace looks.  These include her own individual ways to wear a Knotlace from a more conventional necklace or bracelet to a creative head or hair piece and even an anklet!  Mandy’s creativity really demonstrates how everyone can wear a Knotlace in their own way, there is no ‘wrong’ way!

We particularly love Mandy’s unique descriptions as her Knotlace becomes an outlet for self-expression for whatever the mood or outfit being worn. Thank you so much for sharing with us Mandy!

Mandy’s Independent Review of the Miss Knotlace

Being a tween, there are plenty of accessories and jewellery out there for me. But none like Knotlace. No matter what occasion or what I was wearing, I could style the necklace to match. From a bracelet to a hair accessory to, of course, a necklace. I loved the individuality of this item and how I could show my creativity to those around me. I also received a sense of pride from it as well, knowing that I had made that style and that no one could really copy it. I would definitely recommend this to my friends as I LOVED it.


Mandy xx

Mandy’s favourite ways to wear her Knotlace

A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet or Peace out!

Tween Knotlace rose headpiece photo

The circle of life, it moves us all.

Tween Knotlace Circle necklace silver

We all get a bit knotted up at times.

Tween Knotlace knotted bracelet silver

You can go never go wrong with a bow.

Tween Knotlace bow bracelet silver

A flower or a wreath – both are fabulous.

Tween Knotlace flower head or hair piece silver

A twisted bracelet for a twisted soul.

Tween Knotlace twisted bracelet silver

Summer fun = anklets.

Tween Knotlace twisted anklet silver

We are absolutely loving the creativity and completely new ways of wearing a Knotlace, some of which we have never seen before!

The Mini Knotlace is also loved by tweens and teens as a bracelet or hair accessory available from $13.95.

Thanks again to Mandy and mum Janine (who apparently just watched her in amazement!) Mandy obviously comes from a creative family and is the daughter to Janine, owner of Sarah Lauren – the online ribbon, bow and craft suppliers.  If you feel like getting your craft on!

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