Top tips to Spring (or Autumn) Clean your wardrobe!

Its that time of year in Australia when you are not sure whether you should leave out your jumpers and cardis or put them away until next year. Either way, it is a great time to have a full review of your wardrobe (or closet!)  to see what you need for the coming months, can give away or sell and remind yourself of what you have so you can mix things up a bit.  I recently heard a stylist say (sorry can’t remember their name) that if you don’t get a compliment in an outfit then don’t wear it anymore.  This may be a bit harsh, but it is worth being honest about what you have in your wardrobe, feel good in, fits you and actually need.  Freeing your space of unnecessary stuff is incredibly liberating especially if you are giving it to a good cause or making some extra cash as a result!


wardrobe keep or toss

Can’t remember when the last time was your wore something?  I have started to turn all my hangers around the opposite way and when I wear it spin it around so I can see if I haven’t worn something for a while.  Simple tip, but effective way to get the most out of your clothes.

This was a great infographic we came across thanks to Damsel in Dior with some simple suggestions on how to revitalise your clothes and accessories!

spring clean

Organised wardrobe here we come!!

Organised Decluttered wardrobe


Finally, LOVE this Style Manifesto from Nikki at  Styling You   to really empower you to go through your look, your style and knock ’em dead!

Styling you manifesto - fashion style


Would love to hear your wardrobe organisation and style tips below………



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