Spring Recipes, Autumn Recipes!

Wherever you are in the world and whatever season  you are celebrating, here are a few cool/warming recipes for you:

It is warming up here in Brisbane and my personal Spring favourite cocktail is a Pimms especially as they aren’t too alcoholic (can’t handle it these days!)

My recipe is as follows:

1 measure of Pimms

4 measures of soda water or lemonade (I find half of each best as otherwise it is very sweet)

Decent wedge of orange and lemon

Couple of slices of cucumber

Good sprig of mint with some leaves torn up


You can add strawberries, blueberries, apple etc in too if you fancy it!

Glass of Pimms - Spring cocktail recipe

Image: Brown Eyed Baker

Sit somewhere quiet and enjoy!

These recipes from thekitchn.com sound awesome too especially this divine looking cocktail.

Strawberry Basil Margaritas


Strawberry Spring Cocktail recipes

Lots more ideas for Spring fun from them are here.


If you are thinking more about warming up than cooling down this roasted sage and garlic pumpkin soup looks divine, although not sure I would be brave enough to put it in a pumpkin, especially with 2 kids around!

Full recipe from Half Baked Harvest website is here.

Pumpkin soup in a pumpkin - autumn recipe



And just so you aren’t feeling like you are missing out at all, I would definitely love to try this recipe from turnstylevogue.com


Autumn Spiced cider recipe



Wherever you are in the world, enjoy your Spring or Autum!

We would love to hear any of your favourite Spring or Autumn Recipes here too, just comment below….

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