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Four generations of Knotlace

Four generations of Knotlace lovers – me (Emma), Lynne (my mum), Katie (my daughter), Dodo (my 95 year old grandma)

Dear friends,

After 2 fantastic years (virtually to the day) since starting Knotlace, I am moving on and overseas with my young family.

I started Knotlace to empower women to  look and feel good about themselves having received so many compliments whilst wearing my bendy necklace over the last few years.  It has been great to be able to share this fabulous accessory with people across Australia and around the world.  It has honestly exceeded all my expectations.

It has been an amazing journey starting a new business and meeting and working with so many fantastic individuals and organisations in the process.  The wonders of social media in particular have led to partnerships with people in New Zealand, the US and UK from bloggers, celebs, grandmas, mums and tweens.  I just love that Knotlace is loved by women of all ages all over the place!

It has also been amazing to support several wonderful organisations too through fundraising and hopefully awareness raising too including beyondblue, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Red Cross and Assist a Sista.

So thank you to all those who have supported my journey with Knotlace, it has been an interesting one (as all good journeys are).  It has been an amazing learning experience, particularly when you have a young family and no background in business.  But thanks to many other business people, networking groups and the community that we have developed I can honestly say it has been a journey that I have never felt alone in.

I am sure that Knotlace will go from strength to strength with its new owner, Stacey.

Thanks once again and most of all enjoy!



PS – In case you are interested, we are actually moving to Costa Rica with my husband’s work so I will be exploring a new adventure there.  If you would like to connect, I will still be over on instagram at:  brightspotsfocus

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