Knotlace’s Christmas Gift Guide

Whilst a Knotlace is obviously the perfect gift for females of all ages 😉 (and we also do gift certificates if you are not sure which one to get!)

We also have stumbled upon a number of other gift ideas that are great for different ages/genders and also support fellow business mums that we know.


Contigo Coffee mug

My husband bought me one of these last year and it is fabulous as it keeps my drinks super hot for ages and doesn’t leak!  You can also get them named so noone can pinch it!  Available named for $29.95 from Name my Stuff (they also do other great stuff you can get labelled too) all at: or their Facebook page:

name my stuff coffee mugs


Citrus Zinger

Bored of just drinking plain water – add a little zing to it with a Citrus Zinger from Atticus Fox Available from Atticus Fox’s Facebook shop for $29.95: Â

citrus zinger

Save the Children

Give something back this Christmas (especially if you are anything like us and have too  much ‘stuff’) by buying anything from a flock of chickens to young people in the Solomon Islands ($10) to  a set of magic wheels  -a bicycle to help health workeres reach pregnant and new mums in remote places like Tanzania ($65) and lots in between (not just goats!).

Available online at

chickadees save the childrenchickadees

Vino 2 go

What a nifty way to sneakily have wine while you are out and about over the Christmas season.  Available from

vino 2 go




Friends on Feet –

These super-cute shoes promise to put smiles on little faces.  They are also more than JUST another kid’s shoe. Helping with anxiety and separation issues experienced by children.   Several styles to choose from and also special offer packs available on their Facebook page – or their website –

friends on feet

Super Dooper Growing Water Balls –

Great stocking filler for just $5 – available by their Facebook page  - or emailing:

growing water balls


BaBee Blocks

Very cute and great for children’s imagination these blocks are gorgeous.  Available from  or Facebook -

BaBee Blocks

Foster Mind Posters

A colourful series of positive and life affirming statements which are great for any child (or adult’s) room.  $39.95.

Available from Milk Bottles at: or visit their Facebook Page at:

foster mind posters


Another great gift guide post here is from Mum Takes Five’s handy blog:


Some other great sites for gift inspiration & just happen to also sell Knotlaces 😉 are:

A great online marketplace for children and adults by Marli and Mo:

Fashion, decor and gifts for mum and bub from Studio Dragonfly:

Professional shoppers for Little People and me:


Would love to hear of any other great gifts out there, including ones that you make and sell.



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