Knotlace ‘Look Book’ Spring Competition

Today we are launching our latest competition for the whole of September!

Our mini challenge is to send us your photos of you (with or without your face!) wearing a Knotlace as a necklace or choker.

Knotlace competition

We are putting together a Knotlace ‘Look Book’ for everyone to see what a Knotlace is all about and its endless possibilities!  Most fashion products have a very slick looking ‘Look Book’ with models in studios and the whole works.  We at Knotlace, want ours to be a bit more reflective of what we are about.  That is why we are asking you, our gorgeous Knotlace wearers, to send us your photos of wearing Knotlaces in every day life – going to work, the school pick-up, out for dinner – REAL life!

Each week in September we will be setting a mini-challenge and asking you to send us your photos of different ways you wear your Knotlace to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email.

For EVERY photo sent in we will send you a $5 off voucher for use with your next order for you or a friend.  PLUS each week for the photo that has the most ‘likes’ or retweets we will send you a Knotlace of your choice FREE!

The challenge for each week is as follows:

WEEK 1 (September 2-8) – Necklace or choker

WEEK 2 (September 9-15) – Bracelet or even arm

WEEK 3 (September 16-22) – Hair or head accessory.

WEEK 4 (September 23 – 29) – Belt or any other creative way you can think of!  GO WILD!


Just send us your photo one of the following ways:

Knotlace’s Facebook Page:

Twitter: @Knotlace

Instagram: Knotlace


Please note that the photo will be used on our webpage and social media along with your name (but obviously no email address or contact details will be published).

 Knotlace or bendy necklace ways to wear

Sunday night we will post up the winners of the Competition each week and Monday night we will launch the next mini-challenge.


The mini-challenge for this week – 2 September until Sunday 8th September by 19.00 EST is to send us your pictures (as conservative or creative as you like!) for your Knotlace/s worn as a necklace or choker.

Happy Knotting!

 Long Knotlace Silver in a knot




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