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Unique jewellery, present, travel accessory.

Your Knotlace really does offer endless possibilities.

You can literally bend it to (almost!) any shape you like, thanks to the small bendable cups.  It is a continuous loop with no clasp or catch so is easy to put on too.  It is also very lightweight so you just put it on and can forget about it, especially as once you have created your look it just stays put!

Knotlaces come in 3 lengths – Original and Miss Knotlace are 90cm, Long is 120cm and Mini is 30cm.  They are either are 6mm (Long, Original and Mini) or 5mm (Miss/Skinny) wide  and are truly flexible as demonstrated by this picture (gunmetal or dark grey) or our videos (see below):

Knotlace bendy necklace bent to a coil shape

Knotlace Range – A unique jewellery or accessory

This video shows you each of the Knotlace range and how you can use them but remember, it really can be bent to any shape you like!

How to make a unique jewellery look with the Original Knotlace

How to make a unique jewellery look with the Long Knotlace

The Long Knotlace can basically go around your head twice, so even more possibilities!

The Original Knotlace – It’s a unique piece of jewellery or accessory – a wardrobe staple.

Here are just a few ways you can style an Original Knotlace.

Straight forward knot (copper)

Knotlace bendy necklace copper worn as a knot necklace

Long twist turned once (silver)

Knotlace silver as a long necklace

Knotlace turned into circles (antique or rose gold)

Knotlace bendy jewellery or accessory antique or rose gold circles necklace

Straight-forward choker (gunmetal/dark silver)

Knotlace bendy necklace worn as a choker gunmetal dark grey


Knotlace worn as a snake-like choker (gold)

Knotlace or bendy necklace gold worn as a snake choker

Twisted choker (antique or rose gold)

Knotlace bendy necklace antique or rose gold twisted choker

Why not buy 2 and have a matching bracelet!  Twist bracelet (silver)

Knotlace silver worn as a twisted bracelet

Snake twisted bracelet (gunmetal/dark silver)

knotlace or bendy necklace dark silver worn as a snake bracelet

3 ways to wear a Knotlace in only four moves

3 ways to wear a Knotlace tutorial

How many ways do you think you can wear a Knotlace in a minute?

Long Knotlace – A piece of jewellery or accessory with endless possibilities

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with a Long Knotlace – it also lends itself really well to a belt!

Long Knotlace gift voucher

Miss Knotlace – A unique necklace, bracelet or hair accessory – the perfect gift!

The Miss Knotlace is the same length as an Original but a bit thinner.  Here are just a few ideas on how you can wear yours.

Miss Knotlace rainbow creative necklace fun
Miss Knotlace in Rainbow
Gunmetal knotlace or bendy necklace - 5mm
Miss Knotlace in Gunmetal
Miss Knotlace in silver as a beautiful hair accessory
Miss Knotlace in Silver as a hair accessory
Mixed metal Skinny or Miss Knotlace as a bangle bracelet
Miss Knotlace in Mixed Metals worn as a bracelet


This photo shows an Original Knotlace in gunmetal on the left and a Miss Knotlace on the right so you can see a comparison in widths.

Knotlace or bendy necklace dark grey and gunmetal - 6mm and 5mm BOGOF

Mini Knotlace – an ideal bracelet 

The Mini Knotlace is the same width as the Long and Original, but is only 30 cm long.  Perfect as a bracelet.

Mini Knotlace Silver Bracelet bendy accessory or jewellery Mini Knotlace silver bendy loop accessory Mini Knotlace in gold as a circle bracelet bendy jewellery Mini Knotlace Copper bendy accessory as a bracelet Mini Knotlace bendy jewellery as a bracelet

Knotlace Earrings – complete the look

We also do earrings to match, perfect to complete the outfit or as a gift set.  The Knotlace earrings can bend slightly and are an ideal combination with any of the Knotlace range.

Watch the 33 second Knotlace earring video here:

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