How to make your Knotlace sparkle!

Thanks to Veronica for contacting us to ask:

“How do I clean my Knotlace?”

We have tested a few ways to clean our Knotlaces and make them sparkle like new again.

Knotlaces are made from iron and stainless steel small metal cups (with a nylon cord through the centre of the loop).  So we tried a few different ways to clean.

First I looked at all of my Knotlaces (sorry to make you jealous!) and decided that the gold in particular looked the most in need of a clean..

Gold Knotlace Before

Before cleaning gold Knotlace

Knotlace after

Microfibre Cloths to clean Knotlace

This fine microfiber cloth (from Aldi) was perfect to clean the Knotlace in a chemical-free way and without any residue.  I am fairly sure any microfiber cloth would also work well.  Just look how shiny the Knotlaces are now!

We also tried Viva stainless steel wipes, which also made the Knotlaces clean, but left a greasy residue and obviously also uses chemicals to clean which we would rather not.  We try our best to be environmentally friendly and also want to protect our Knotlaces for as long as possible from any nasties.

So there you have it the best way to get your Knotlaces all shiny again – probably worth trying on your other non-precious jewels too!



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2 thoughts on “How to make your Knotlace sparkle!

  1. Thanks for the great cleaning tip. I just polished my gunmetal knotlace with a microfibre cloth and it looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks for letting us know Rachel – always great to get feedback! Keep enjoying…

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