How to Dress for your Body Shape

My name is Angela Barbagallo and I am a Personal Stylist and Body Shape expert.


In the last article I shared with you some common confidence mantra and I hope you are using this to gain confidence in yourself.

Body Shape and Style

This week I will confirm your body shape with so you no longer have to guess what works for your shape as I will give you lots of information on what areas of your body to accentuate and what styles will really work for you.  Let the fun begin!

When you know your body shape it will give you clarity and you might say a few “Oh That is Why…”.   The most important thing is to then focus on what styles work for your shape.   You can take the ideal styles for your shape and compare them to what you currently have in your wardrobe. How this will work best is that you get a tape measure ready to go and a pen to write down your measurements.  If you don’t have a tape measure, simply cut a piece of string long enough to measure around your hips and grab a ruler.  I have prepared a diagram where you can simply follow the steps and work out in 3 simple steps what your body shape is.

To make the information relevant for you, I have prepared tons of information on the Style Angel website, Pinterest and YouTube which you can access just by clicking on your body shape image.  Just follow the prompts below.

How to measure your body shape?

All bodies have their fleshy bits and I want you to know that there simply is NO GOOD OR BAD body shape.  Each shape has amazing style options and I am going to show you how you can work your body shape to YOUR best advantage with simple steps.  And I mean AT ANY WEIGHT!  From size 6 to 26+!

Do you have your tape measure ready to go and a pen and paper to write down your measurements?

STEP 1 – YOUR BUST: With a tape measure, measure yourself from your back around the fullest part of your bust (over the nipple line) with your bra on. WRITE DOWN THIS MEASUREMENT.

STEP 2 – YOUR WAIST: Hold your legs still and move your upper body. Put your index finger on the pivoting point in your waist where your upper body pivots on your lower body. Welcome to your waist!! Measure around your waist with your tape measure. WRITE DOWN THIS MEASUREMENT.

STEP 3 – YOUR HIPS: With a tape measure, measure yourself around the fullest part of your bottom. WRITE DOWN THIS MEASUREMENT.

You have 2 options to discover your body shape:

With a simple click on your shape you will be directed to all your great styles, including videos and Pinterest Pin boards.

1. Follow the simple questions below in the Body Shape Chart I have created for you.

Style Angel Body Shape Calculator Style Fashion


2. Go to the Style Angel website near the bottom of the page and punch your numbers into the Automatic Body Shape Calculator.

Below is a sample when 85cm for Bust, 73 cm for Waist and 95cm for Hips are entered and the PEAR body shape appears on screen.

Body Shape Calculator Fashion Style

How to Dress for your Body Shape

CONGRATULATIONS, you are now in the ELITE group of women who know their body shape.

Now you know what your body shape is, I am sure you are excited to find out how you can dress for your shape!

If you have not yet used the Style Angel website take a look as I have created Video Content, Pinterest Pin boards and Do’s and Don’ts EXCLUSIVELY for your Body Shape.

Simply click on your body shape below and take in all the information.

I suggest you follow the Pinterest Pin Board for your shape so you get all the current style updates. I continue to update the Pin Boards with styles that are currently in store or online.

Body Shape Chart Fashion Style


Click on which shape is yours below:


Will Your Body Shape Change?

You may ask yourself, will my body shape change?   YES, there is a possibility, and here is why:

When you have had children and/or you are going through Menopause you will find that your waist thickens a lot, your stomach is not as flat and female curves may appear on your back (also called back fat but we think female curves sounds much nicer!).

You might also increase in cup size and even the band size.

You may not know that when going through Menopause, your vertebrae collapses slowly and your internal organs get pushed into slightly different positions towards the front.

Your metabolism also slows significantly so the extra flesh around the waist is not always a sign of over indulgence but nature’s way of distributing all your organs.

In my experience, the women who are the closest to another body shape naturally are the ones most likely to change body shape as they get older. I will give you an example here: Style Angel client Tracey’s body shape measurements are: BUST: 93 WAIST: 85 HIPS: 100.5

Tracey’s bust is only 7.5 cm smaller than her hips, which lands her in the PEAR shape category.  It will depend on Tracey’s changes in her body as she gets through menopause to see if her shape will remain in the PEAR shape category or if she moves to RECTANGLE.  It happens regularly that I measure women who are on the cusp, so I want to make you aware that you could be in the same situation.  When you feel your shape has gone through changes, simply do the measurements again to confirm that you are still working your shape to the max!



Thanks to our guest poster Angela Barbagallo who is one of the brightest minds in personal styling and confidence coaching today. Angela has educated her many clients in making great style choices, which translates into increased feelings of well-being and a positive attitude in life. Angela is a body shape and colour expert and a best selling author on Amazon of two style books “8 Ways to Look Fabulous, Taller and Slimmer” and “The Real Woman’s Guide to Hair”.

Angela is the NSW Independent Style Consultant for Diana Ferrari since 2011 as part of their Fusion Reward Program. Angela also collaborates with Corporate Clients such as Bank of America, Jetstar and Bupa with her “Dress for Success” program.

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