Halle Berry Oscars Knotlace Style

Imagine our excitement when we saw Halle Berry with Queen Latifah at an Oscar’s Party with what appeared to be a Miss Knotlace on her wrist?


Halle Berry Oscars Knotlace style


Yep super excited!

Not sure that it was a Knotlace, but certainly Knotlace inspired!

Halle Berry Miss Knotlace jewellery

If it was she could have maybe changed her look throughout the evening, certainly a good ice-breaker for early in the evening too.

Wonder if she would have worn it one of these ways?


Miss Knotlace rainbow twisted chokerTwisted choker would have gone well with that neckline!

Gunmetal knotlace or bendy necklace - 5mmCoiled necklace is a bit different.

Mixed metal Skinny or Miss Knotlace as a bangle bracelet

Gone for a mixed metal look?

Miss Knotlace in silver as a beautiful hair accessory

Tween Knotlace rose headpiece photo


Possibly a bit too much for an Oscar’s Party, but you never know!

Whether it was a Miss Knotlace or not, it looked like they were having fun at the party and looked stunning as ever.  Just think how much fun they could have had with a Miss Knotlace too!

For the Miss Knotlace colour selection click here.


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