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Knotlace was started to share a great accessory with women who want to look and feel good about themselves.  We have been delighted with how many people have let us know how much they love their Knotlace and how many compliments they are receiving too.  We think it all helps to empower women in our busy world, whether it is to do something small for ourselves or boosting our confidence or even creativity.  However, another big part of what Knotlace is about is giving back.


In 2012 a good friend of mine, Carol, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was shocked, she was in her mid 30’s and had two young boys to boot.  Surely it didn’t affect women that young.  Thankfully her treatment has been successful, but it has inevitably made her and her family reevaluate their whole lives.

We often see pink ribbons, brands turning pink for breast cancer, but real stories are often what touch us most.  We all know that we can do more to work towards a cure for breast cancer and to support those going through the process.  But Carol is why Knotlace decided to donate $1 for every Knotlace sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are very proud to have supported them since May 2013 partly with hundreds of dollars in donations, hopefully one day they won’t be needed.

Breast cancer research logo

We were also delighted to recently receive this beautiful email from Brooke in South Australia who is also a breast cancer survivor:

‘I love my Knotlace jewellery! I have 2 and can’t wait to add to my collection, it’s an effortless way to dress up any outfit. I’m constantly being asked about them, they really are show stopping pieces of jewellery. I’ve given 3 as gifts so far and each of them had never seen them before and absolutely love them.  

Being a Breast Cancer survivor I’m also thrilled to know a portion of all sales is donated to help find a cure for this disease that affects all too many of us in someway.’


Brooke, breast cancer survivor,  wearing a mixed metal knotlace
Brooke, Breast Cancer survivor. (wearing a mixed metal knotlace)


Yes, it is great she loves Knotlace, but it was wonderful to hear her connect with our support of a cause that affected her and her family hugely.  It brought it home to me that our support, however small, makes a difference and not just for the money.

On a side note, I recently had a mammogram (I am 41 and they are free once you are over 40 in Queensland) and a couple of days after it, I was recalled for more tests.  This really unsettled me.  It was a tense few days after that and the day of the next appointment I was more nervous than I realised.  A few hours later I left the doctor’s consulting room in tears, the sole lady left in the waiting room probably thought I had just been diagnosed, but they were actually just tears of relief.  Carol, Brooke and many others did not experience that after their recall.   I was all to aware of that on that day. My experience has further cemented my support for cancer research, treatment and support.  In particular,  I hope many more women will go for their mammograms once they reach 40 and regularly check themselves too (and men for that matter!), something that gets easily overlooked in our busy lives.


Which brings me to Yasmin.  I have met Yas through a few networking/business events as she runs School Hours Pty, a website for those looking for flexible employment.  Some months later, I was astonished to discover that she had decided to have a prophylactic (preventative) bilateral masectomy.  As part of her journey she has created a personal blog, Previvor, to help herself and others deal with having a clinically diagnosed high risk of contracting breast and ovarian cancer.     I have been following Yas’ journey and it has been incredible to witness it, her honesty and openness in particular have been inspirational and at times confronting.   It is well worth a read.

Yasmin at a networking event
Yas at a networking event (wearing a mixed metal Miss Knotlace)

So many brave women around us.  Often we aren’t aware they are going through.  Sometimes it is hard to speak out.  A pink ribbon can’t say it all.

Our lives are touched by people in different ways and Carol, Brooke and Yas, these three different women who I know in very different ways, have made me think about what matters, particularly when confronted by something like cancer; Support, connection, being there, being as honest as you can, looking after and empowering ourselves.

Thank you for sharing with us and best of luck on your continued journeys.



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