5 Travel Beauty Tips

Travel Beauty essentials for a business trip or holiday

Packing light for travel seems to be a challenge for most of us with the ever-decreasing luggage allowance from the airlines. And then there’s an even bigger problem for us ladies – how could we possibly fit in all our beauty needs for the journey among all other necessities? We probably all have friends around us who are over-packers and tend to carry their whole beauty cabinets when they travel (and got stung by the hefty extra luggage fee!)  Trust me, there’s a better way to keep your skin beautiful during your journey without carrying 20kg of your favourite beauty items. Here I’m sharing some travel beauty essentials and my learned and tested travel beauty hacks:

travel beauty essential coconut oil

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is indeed the Holy Grail product for travellers. It can be used as hair treatment, lip treatment, makeup remover, moisturiser and even cooking. After a long haul flight, try nourishing your hair with a DIY hair mask. Apply a thick layer of coconut oil to the roots of your hair, wrap your head with a warm towel and let the steam in the hot shower to lock it its moisturising power. No more frizzy hair day after flights!




Travel beauty essential herbal tea bags


2. Tea bags

Tea bags are amazing as eye masks especially if you suffer from swollen eye from loss of sleep in plane and jetlag. Pack a few green tea bags, soak them in hot water and wait till they cool down a bit before putting them over on your eyelids. It  works miracle to relieve eye bags. Tea bags are also amazing for soothing sun burnt areas after your poolside or beach sessions.


Travel beauty essential dry shampoo3. Dry Shampoo

Most hotels in Australia still provide amenities like shampoo and conditioner. However, if you stay at places like Airbnb and hostels these items might not be provided. Instead of carrying bottles of shampoo and conditioners, for overnight trips why not just pack a can dry shampoo? It also saves you time blow drying your hair if you’ve had a long day of exploring and all you wanted is to crush into bed. However, look out for ingredients such as aluminium, SLS and parabens in your dry shampoos as those could be toxic for your bodies. Check the labels and pick one with organic essential oils such as argan oil that is nourishing for your hair as well we being gentle to your body and the environment. Tips: I’ve reviewed a natural dry shampoo on my blog here.

4. Physical sunscreen

Even if you’re not travelling to a beach destination, wearing sunscreen daily is still essential. Do you know when you’re a couple of thousands miles up in mid-air, the UV rays from sun is actually stronger than you’re on the ground? Always wear sunscreen before you board a plane and make sure it’s a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one. Active ingredients in physical sunscreen include zinc oxide and titanium oxide that contain SPF naturally and don’t clog pores like what chemical sunscreen can do to your skin. The last thing you want when you got off the plane is clogged pores as combining with loss of skin moisture and bacteria on board it will lead to breakouts on your skin.

Travel beauty essential mineral make up5. Mineral makeup

Again, thanks to active natural minerals ingredients in mineral powder makeup, it’s gentle on your skin. Mineral makeup also adds a healthy glow to your skin without that ‘over the top’ heavy makeup look, which is perfect for holiday. Most mineral makeup powder can be used for multiple purposes. For example, pinkish or peachy mineral powder can be applied on your eyelid as eye shadow as well as used as a blush. Mineral tanning powder can be used for contouring. The key is to pack some neutral, earthy shades and be creative!



So there you have it, my fellow travellers. My five must have items to go into every travel beauty pouch that guarantee happy skin days during your journey.


Travel and beauty blogger Juliet J from Lace and Ruffles  About Juliet S

Juliet is the Storyteller on http://lacenruffles.com. She has a vintage soul and was led by her insatiable wanderlust to see the world. Juliet believes every lady deserves to be classy. She is on a mission to find the best natural beauty products that are effective as well as being gentle to the body and the environment. Connect with Juliet on her blog, Facebook and Instagram.




Thanks to Juliet for her guest blog, very useful tips which we will be following over the Easter break and beyond!

Do you carry any of these beauty products for your trip? What are some of your favourite items to keep your skin looking beautiful on the road? Make sure you share your tips with your fellow travellers.


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