Cyclone Pam – Vanuatu Devastated. Knotlace Appeal for Red Cross.

I was shocked when I saw the front page of the newspaper yesterday following Cyclone Pam.


Cyclone Pam Devastation VanuatuImage: Courier Mail

24 currenly confirmed dead, thousands of people displaced and homes destroyed.  Major devastation on a beautiful place that just isn’t prepared for such natural disasters.

I know Australia has had their fair share of natural disasters too, but it is difficult for us to comprehend the scale of such a tragedy only a few hours away from our shores.

My family and I were lucky enough to visit Vanuatu a couple of years ago and it struck was not only  full of natural wonders, but also had such happy, kind and friendly people too.  Many of these people are probably now without things we take for granted.  Whilst tourism, one of the major contributors to their economy will be hit hard too.


So, Knotlace has decided we would like to do something to help where we can.  For every Knotlace sold this month (March) we will donate $5 for each Mini and Miss Knotlace sold and $10 for every Original or Long Knotlace.  All the donations raised will go to the Red Cross Appeal for Vanuatu, if you would like to donate you can also click here.

If we can all work together and support this beautiful country, hopefully they can rebuild their homes, lives and livelihoods as swiftly as possible.

Vanuatu picture cyclone pam                                                      Rosa Kalsakau’s family has lost everything. Picture: Mark Calleja printed in the Courier Mail

Thanks for your support.

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