Celebrity Latest Knotlace Lover – Chef Dominique Rizzo

What a beautiful, genuine and down to earth woman.

Not only did we learn about the inspirational work chef Dominique Rizzo does with many voluntary organisations and also schools, I also now have a quinoa recipe that I WANT to try!

We recently met the gorgeous Dominique at a local food festival where she showcased some of her recipes and talked a little bit about her latest business Pure Food Cooking Tours.  Dominique is very passionate about food, saving time, money and waste which was great to see in action.

Whilst she was cooking a selection of wonderful looking dishes (which unfortunately we were not quick enough to get in and taste, far too British and polite here!) she explained a bit about some lesser-known ingredients and I now  understand what micro herbs actually are (Masterchef here I come, mmmm maybe not)  As Dominique put it they have no nutritional value or any real taste they are just an accessory to make the dish look beautiful.  And they certainly did the job!!

Following the demo I waited to have a quick chat with her as (I know this  makes me sound a bit sad) she has always been my favourite on ‘Ready Steady Cook” (I watched it a bit when my kids were babies, I hasten to add!).   I was quite nervous waiting to speak to her, but, WOW, I had no reason to be. A truly beautiful person, inside and out.  I explained that our followers had chosen a Silver Original Knotlace for her and she was so delighted and immediately put it on and insisted I shared the photo (and tag her!) on all social media, etc.  Obviously here’s the pic:

Dominique Rizzo and her new Silver Knotlace


Thank you for making my day and for your lovely message on our FB wall too Dominique – above and beyond!

Dominique’s message on our Facebook wall, 3rd August 2014 –

“What an amazing and wonderful surprise to meet the lovely Emma from Knotlace and I love my new piece of jewellery, it is the perfect accessory for me as I am quite simple when it comes to accessories but I love pieces with versatility, style and that are a little different. Thank you so much Emma, it was a beautiful gesture and I am going to wear it everywhere”.

Great to share the Knotlace love with a wonderful person who has such genuine passion for what she does.  The pleasure was all ours, Dominique!

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