Why Blog?

Why I Write Blog Hop – 2014

Blogging is still relatively new to me, I was excited to be invited to my first “Blog Hop” by Chelsea from gorgeous kids shoe company, Tiptoe & Co.

What is a blog hop and how does it work?

In a Blog Hop, you are requested to answer a few specific questions – then you nominate three new bloggers to participate too. When your blog entry is done, there’s a central place you load it up where everyone can go and find it and read it too.  This one is heading here.

What am I working on?

I, Emma, blog on my business page for my small business, Knotlace.  The idea behind starting a blog was to share a bit more behind the scenes of our business and the very latest about what we have been working on.

This has definitely been a work in progress and we have lots of ideas on future blog posts related to our products, guest reviews, fashion and styling, gift ideas and hoping to share some more personal (hopefully not TMI!) stuff too.

How is my writing different to others in my genre?

I try to write succintly and directly, there are so many great things to read out there, we are all time poor and the content out there is so rich!

Why do I write what I do?

I enjoy the writing process and it allows for a creative and thoughtful side to develop which can often be neglected in our busy lives.  I write about what is new and plan to be increasingly more topical and relevant for busy women and mums.

How does my writing process work?

Despite being an avid organiser and planner, I tend to be a bit more ad hoc than I would like with blogging (I have 2 young children so that is my excuse!)  I blog if we get something new and exciting come up, but am working on being a bit more proactive too.

I try to think about what questions people have asked us, what I have found interesting or useful professionally or personally in our family.  I write down regular notes on my todoist app and add in other thoughts when they come to me.  I try to then allocate a couple of child-free hours at least a couple of times a month to then ruminate on these thoughts and write.   I would love to write more regularly and to a schedule, definitely when both my children are at school (I’ve said it now, so better do it!)

Thanks for reading my entry.

Finally, to invite bloggers to the Why I Write Blog Hop 2014!

First up – Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes – fabulous ideas on styling, fashion, fun and all round gorgeousness!

Secondly, I would like to invite the lovely Sal from Nourish Coaching – Sal is an inspiring woman and mum with great advice on career, business and life in general that she blogs about.

The third blogger I invite is Anissa from Baby Bump Boutique – Anissa has a new blog which is also associated to her business all about beautiful kids and mums gear and gifts.


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