How to Rock a Knotlace With One of the 10 New Autumn Colours

Did you know that there is a company called Pantone whose responsibility it is to provide professional colour standards for design industries? Pantone recently announced the PANTONE® Fashion Colour Report for Fall 2017 and we’re absolutely loving the collection. This year the Fall colour palette for New York is reminiscent of hues that normally remind you of warmth and comfort with a couple of hues thrown in to represent the refreshing feeling of Autumn. We love Pantone’s Fall Colours so much we decided to team them up with our statement necklaces. Australia may experience a different climate to New York and London, but we can relate to this colour palette just the same.

How to match a Knotlace with the Fall Colours of the Year 2017

We decided to team up some of our unique statement necklaces with the Pantone Fall Colours of 2017 to give you some inspiration on how you can wear the colours together this Autumn.

statement necklaces australia


Don’t you just love this Fall/Autumn colour palette and how it works so well with the Knotlace range? Statement necklaces in Australia this Autumn, like Knotlace, will certainly be the fashion jewellery of choice when it comes adding that extra wow factor to the warm and fresh colours of the season.

Inspired? Then you need to check out our Knotlace statement necklaces. Australia Autumn is already here, check out our range NOW!

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