5 Reasons Why a Knotlace is Must Have Baby Friendly Jewellery

Four and a half years ago when my son was a baby I pretty much gave up wearing any of my necklaces. I was never too keen on the look of silicone teething jewellery and did not really have any baby friendly jewellery in my collection. It’s a pity Knotlace wasn’t around back then.

Fast forward to today and with my 8-month-old daughter, one thing I love is being able to wear necklaces! And I’m not talking fine chain necklaces with tiny clasps that will break the moment a baby pulls on them, they’re completely out of the question, and I still am not a huge fan of the silicone teething necklaces out there. I’m talking about Knotlaces.

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Why I love wearing a Knotlace around my baby

They don’t have a clasp

Unlike dainty chain necklaces or other necklaces with delicate clasps, a Knotlace is baby friendly because it does not have a clasp to break at all. You just take it on and off over your head. Easy.

They are strong and sturdy

Knotlaces have a really unique makeup. If you look closely you can see that a Knotlace is made up of tiny cup-like metal iron beads that have been threaded onto a strong nylon cord and fused together. My daughter has pulled with mighty force on my Knotlaces and they are all still going strong. I’ve even tested them myself with a good adult sized pull.

I don’t have to forego style

Just because you’re a mum, a grandparent or carer of young children, it shouldn’t mean you have to forego wearing nice things because you’re worried your child may break it with a firm pull. A Knotlace gives me that bit of bling I need, that bit of diva power because, let’s face it, sometimes juggling kids can make you feel very far from it.

They can be easily cleaned

When grotty hands get on a Knotlace there’s no need to pull out the big guns of jewellery cleaning.  Just grab a microfiber cloth and polish it back to its former glory. Easy!

You can fix it up in an instant

So when my daughter so cheekily messes up my unique knot that I’ve crafted in my Knotlace and I’m trying to get her into her pram on the way to an appointment, there’s no need for a mirror or a huge amount of time to fix it up.  I just reach up, bend and twist it back into a new shape. A Knotlace is so unique and so unlike any other fashion jewellery online that you can get away with it, every Knotlace style is unique as you are.

One thing that is important to point out though is I am not suggesting that a Knotlace is the perfect teething necklace, I wouldn’t recommend you let your child suck on it because unlike silicone teething necklaces, that is not what a Knotlace is made for. What I am suggesting is that a Knotlace is baby friendly jewellery in that it will withstand numerous hard tugs from a baby or toddler and allow you to continue to share your unique style even while wrangling children! Of course, whenever you have any type of jewellery around children, remember to keep it in good condition and don’t leave children unsupervised with the jewellery.

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