5 Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mum and Bub

We are delighted to share our first guest post by Sylvia Magri from Angelic Baby Boutique.

5 original baby shower gift ideas for mum and bub collage

So what are 5 great and different ideas for Baby shower gifts?

The best place to start with would be the sex of the baby.  Are you looking for a spunky gift for a baby boy? Something sweet and sparkly for a little princess?  Or do you need to find a unique baby gift that will suit either boy or girl?  Finding the right baby shower present when you don’t know the sex of the baby can be challenging.  We have some great baby shower gift ideas for you.

1. Practical Gifts: This is a great gift idea if you don’t know the sex of the baby. Nappies, wipes, baby powder and goats milk soap (safe for baby’s skin) are all great gift ideas.   By purchasing every day baby items, you know the parents will definitely get great use out of them and be stocked up for a while.  You could even pitch in with other guests and buy a few boxes of nappies in varying sizes.
Baby shower gift idea nappies
2. Nursery Gift: If purchasing for a boy or girl, shy away from baby blue and pink, and opt for something non-traditional instead.  Personalised canvas prints with baby’s initials are a great idea. If the parents haven’t chosen a name yet, an alphabet wall sticker is another option.  Choose a bright and festive design for something different.  Online Etsy shops provide boundless designs from many different sellers.

Baby shower gift idea alphabet stickers on nursery wall

3. Gift For Mum: Jewellery is the last thing she will expect to receive, so make her feel special with an original piece she will love.  Feel beautiful and glamorous in just a few seconds with a Knotlace.  A long Knotlace can be worn in a variety of ways and lengths, making it adjustable to any outfit.  Wear it as a necklace, bracelet or even a belt!  This gift will get all her friends talking!

Baby shower gift idea long silver Knotlace jewellery

4. Baby Gift Hamper:  Spoil Mum and bub with an ‘Angel Mummy and Me’ baby hamper from Angelic Baby Boutique . It includes a keepsake statue of an angel mother holding a baby with a beautifully engraved blessing; a deliciously soft angel wing romper and muslin wrap.  A unique baby gift that Mum is sure to love.  Better yet?  Every gift box is personalised with baby’s name making it special to each mum.

Angelic Baby Boutique gift hamper baby shower gift idea

5. Handmade:  Opting to make a handmade gift is a sure fire way to present mum with an original baby gift.  Are you handy with a needle?  Create a custom designed knitted baby blanket or sew a patchwork baby quilt using different themed fabrics.  If craft isn’t your thing, you could design your very own baby memory book, have it printed and bound.  Your local Officeworks store provides this service. Or if you are artistically inclined you could draw or paint a cute baby print and have it framed for the nursery or baby room door.


Handmade baby blanket baby shower gift idea

These are just a few baby shower gift ideas.  We would love to hear about your favourite gifts you received, or any suggestions you might have, please comment away below.


Thanks to Sylvia Magri for this post.  Sylvia is the Baby Hamper Creator at Angelic Baby Boutique and a mum to one Thomas obsessed little toddler. She also runs Hubble’s joinery business and works part time creating balloon arrangements for parties. She is obsessed with, loves watching 80’s movies, believes pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and still doesn’t understand why her girlfriend loves Sloths. But she will, one day.

Twinkle love poster for baby shower

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4 thoughts on “5 Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mum and Bub

  1. I love this for several reasons 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks for the constant nudging Dana!!

  2. There is nothing better than combining handmade and Jewellery together, as a present for mum. Even if it is a necklace made out of beads and pasta.

    1. Yes, handmade is always so special, shows you really have thought about it. Great idea to combine it with another present too!

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