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The ultimate in diva jewellery and scarves online.

A Knotlace is one striking piece that has the ability to make you instantly feel goddess-like.

Bend and twist your Knotlace into any design you like. Wear it as a bracelet, belt, hair accessory, scarf tie or statement necklace – there are endless possibilities from just one piece of fashion jewellery!

To help add even more fun and bling to your wardrobe we’ve added gorgeous tassel scarves to our store.

Our Knotlaces and printed scarves are perfect gifts for women of any age. Looking for a Mother’s Day present, we’ve got the answer right here!

PLUS we offer a 90-day money back guarantee if they don’t absolutely LOVE it!

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Knotlaces come in a variety of sizes and colours – a classic jewellery item for any wardrobe.

How does our unique fashion jewellery work?

Imagine looking and feeling special and getting regular compliments – all from 5 seconds of adding a Knotlace to your outfit. Watch this brief video on how you can wear one, but you can create many ways of your own too – as unique as you are.

A Knotlace is made from lightweight metal (iron) and is very bendy and does not stain.  You can bend it to sit around your neck as a choker or wear as a longer necklace. You can wear it around your wrist as a bracelet, secure it in your hear as a headband or hair piece, you can wear it on almost any part of your body and it just stays there as you can see in the video. We also offer a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy.

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I absolutely love my Knotlace. I love how versatile it is, I love wearing it to work, out to coffee and dinner. I love playing with it and creating my own designs and I love the fact that whenever I wear it someone always makes a lovely comment!

Carol S - Feb 4, 2017

Purchased as a gift for a friend and it’s simply amazing. Aside from being a unique piece of wearable art, I found playing with it totally therapeutic!

Claire - February 5, 2017

Thank you so much for my cute surprise I love it and your wonderful offer of 20% off my next purchase. You will be certainly hearing from me again. I will be letting those who inquire know where to find you. I wish you well in your new business so far you have one incredibly happy customer.

Wendy M - 20 Jan, 2017

Why do women love Knotlace as their go to fashion jewellery online?

We are also so time poor these days and so often accessorising an outfit becomes less of a priority. With a Knotlace you can make any outfit look stunning in about 5 seconds and wear the same Knotlace for the rest of the week in completely different designs.

Find it hard to know what looks great?  There is no ‘wrong’ way to wear a Knotlace – we guarantee you will get compliments when you wear it.

For more ideas on ways to wear a Knotlace and to see how bendy this unique fashion jewellery online is, head to our Gallery or How to Wear pages.

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