10 Ways To Be A More Confident Woman

Although they are confidence boosters, throwing on a statement necklace or glamorous outfit aren’t necessarily ways to a confident woman with long lasting internal confidence.

We can often try to seem confident by the way we walk, the way we dress or the way we talk, but often there are insecurities hidden behind the façade. This might sound like you.

But don’t feel disheartened. There are ways to build your confidence, it just takes time, practice and getting out of your comfort zone.

10 Ways To Be A More Confident Woman

Here are 10 things you might like to try in your quest to become a more confident woman:

1. Stop being a follower, start being a leader.

Followers tend to not question why things are as they are. They’re happy to simply go with the flow, even if it doesn’t suit them. Often they’re worried about stirring the pot and making a fuss. If this is you, why not turn the tables one day and ask questions. Suggest that something is done differently, be the one to put your hand up and make suggestions and don’t be afraid to think about yourself once in a while if decisions affect you.

2. Learn how to say no

I think we’ve all been there, saying yes when we wished we’d said no only to have regrets and serious overwhelm. It’s often a mix of FOMO (fear of missing out) and people pleasing. You’re worried that if you say no, the opportunity will never come around again or you’re concerned that the word NO will leave you friendless or without a job.

The thing is, this habit is not doing you any favours, it’s helping everyone else out but yourself.

Next time someone asks if you can take on a project or meet them for lunch but you’d really prefer to say No, just do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Use the 5-minute confidence boosters

OK, we know that confidence is not just about how we look, but it’s often how we look that can get our day starting off on the right foot. If you’re feeling less than confident, always make sure you have a few outfits in your wardrobe that, once you put them on, are instant confidence boosters. Put on a bright shade of lipstick, wear some sexy underwear or put on a piece of statement jewellery like a Knotlace that will really lift you up and make you exude confidence!

4. Smile

It’s pretty easy this one, work those face muscles and smile. Smile at other people too because, as Connie Stevens once said, nothing you wear is more important than a smile.

5. Surround yourself with other confident women

Being around negative people is an instant downer, that’s why it’s so important to ditch the negative nancies and surround yourself with positive pennies. It’s more likely that these positive women will lift you up, they will encourage, support and they will definitely not compare.

6. Get to know yourself

There can often be triggers in our lives that can instantly suck the confidence away from our being, anxieties take over and all confidence is lost. Think about things that can trigger the loss of your confidence. For example, you may be far more alert in the mornings after your coffee and so this time would naturally be the better time to schedule meetings. Perhaps you can be easily overwhelmed when you have a busy schedule, leaving you easily flustered and unfocused. Try spacing out your meetings and appointments and give yourself more time in between.

Knowing what your triggers allows you to do things differently so your confidence is maintained.

7. Look after yourself

There is always time to look after yourself. Whether it be time to read a book, get a pedicure, massage or go out for coffee solo. You will exude confidence if you know how to look after yourself because, let’s face it, if you don’t look after yourself and continue to work yourself to exhaustion, how are you going to be able to take care of others or reach your goals? A confident woman not only looks after herself but also knows how to ask for help.

8. Take risks

It’s damn scary to step outside your comfort zone, but you know what they say, the bigger the risk the bigger the gain. It might sound like a bit of a cliché but I can vouch for taking risks. If I didn’t take risks I wouldn’t be self-employed and doing things I’d never dreamed of ten years ago.
Your first step outside your comfort zone doesn’t have to be a huge one but as you take more risks, make them incrementally bigger and you’ll be surprised at the result. And always ask yourself, ‘What do I have to lose?’

9. Do what you love

Somewhat linked to taking risks, doing what you love can really make a difference. And I’m not talking about quitting your job to chase this thing although it has been done, I’m talking about having something in your life that you genuinely look forward to doing because it’s when you have the opportunity to look forward to this thing you love and when you do this thing you love, confidence tends to automatically shine.

10. Just relax

In the big scheme of things, what do you have to worry about? Learn to relax, don’t stress the small things, put life into perspective and appreciate that everything really is OK. Taking a step back to relax really helps confidence shine.

Would you describe yourself as a confident woman? After reading this do you think you’re on your way to becoming a confident woman?

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3 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be A More Confident Woman

  1. Bright clothes are my confidence booster. I end up wearing too many black (or dark or neutral) clothes during the week – I need brightness to help me. Colours, bold ones, specifically 🙂

  2. Such great advice. I think looking after yourself is one of the most important things a woman can do for yourself – yet we often forget. It took me a long time to do that!

  3. Great messages for us all Eva! Thank you so much for sharing your tips. Denyse. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week 5/52. Next week’s prompt is “How Much Money is Enough”.

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